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An Experiment on Prolonging Fashion

It seems to have come to a point where energy, health and influence are dissipating from the fashion industry. We need action, a fashion signal or even a fashion revolution. Prolongation EXPT is an experimental fashion brand, whose materials come mainly from textiles that will be discarded, burned and difficult to dispose of. We are committed to providing fashion consumers with classic items that are sustainable in design, material and culture through upward recycling, and at the same time, providing a liquid fashion asset for consumers looking to the future. Bringing ‘fashion’ back to fashion is the beautiful vision of this ‘experiment’.


1. upward recycling, richer value

Here, we focus on discarded textiles, those that will be discarded, burned and difficult to dispose of. We are committed to resolving their whereabouts by recycling them upward so that they can regain the value of the commodity. More importantly, they will have a new look.


2. timeless but not trendy

Sustainability is not just about where materials come from, it is also about designing ways that best fit the material's properties, aesthetics and cultural connotations. Trends are the new darling of society but risk fading with time. The classics, on the other hand, have been weathered, proven by time and have a lasting value. So we chose to use creativity to bring classic styles to life, recycle and improve them, and look forward to their eventual return to the waves.


3. yesterday once more,

    exquisite as before

In addition to the use value of goods, many times also connected with the owner's emotion, memory and personality. When they are removed from the context of use, the cultural and emotional nature of the product dissipates. The original purpose of this experiment is to recreate the special existence for consumers by recreating the post-consumer textiles with temperature and emotion.


4. physical and digital

Futures value is not only the physical product of the experiment but also the virtual product. We will provide consumers with twin physical products and virtual products, a purchase behaviour corresponding to double experience and harvest. At the same time, timeless digital assets will lead consumers into the future.


5. start, and then start again 

Consumer behaviour is not and never will be the end of the consumer experience. We will provide our customers with a variety of solutions, including remanufacturing, resale, repair and ownership flow, based on consumers' demands and the condition of the product. The cycle continues to start.


6. future 

Just imagine.


7. the end of an experiment 

Of course, as an experiment, we look forward to the day it ends.
When sustainable consumption ceases to be a gimmick and becomes an everyday choice; Fashion content is no longer fleeting and becomes the object of the collection; When building and recycling are no longer the responsibility of each consumer is consensus ⸺ that is to say, when finally as a modern sustainable attribute rather than the future of that moment, a prolonged fashion experiment was ended.
The fashion industry, too, will find new life in the flow.

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